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Links from the heart

1. To discover :
site of Ervin Laszlo, eminent scientist.
There is a french speaking video with beautiful images

Video: presentation of the method Ho'oponopono. 4 healing words

Coiffeur énergéticien à Bruxelles - Sébastien Ledentu
Sébastien Ledentu proposes to take you on a  'journey through the world of your hair and your emotions' ‘capillary consultation  [= a reading of your hair style, hair diagnosis, Shiatsu head massage, 'climate cosmetology' treatment, emotion-based ® hair cut and styling ].
‘I see your body like a musical instrument, the strings being your hair and the razor the bow.'

2. Food & Health

Neele dehoux is fluent in English, Dutch & Spanish. Naturopath, certified Cenatho, Paris. Practices ayurvedic medecine.
An ability to know how to be and to do, tailored to serve every person whishing to move on his or her own path and explore the realm of possibilities. :
site on "Health in the plate" by Taty Lauwers

3.Tai Chi :
Tai Chi - Chi Kung - 'Postural' Stretching. Symposium Février 2016 - teaser : "Vers un corps vivant" 
Carlos Lemos,teaches the form of Cheng Man Ch'ing, practices Chi Kung, muscular chains of GDS and Yoga.

4. Consciousness development :
doctor, writer and teacher in the field of consciousness. Internationally respected, Richard Moss 
runs workshops and retreats. Transactional Love.
Meditate with Richard Moss:
is trainer, business & life coach, behavior therapist
yoga teacher, psychotherapist in bioenergetic analysis, translator and teacher in the field of Mindfulness :
a series of useful links on Mindfullness in Belgium

5.India :
presentation of the work of Sri Ramana Maharshi's ashram, schedule of activities, library etc. (South India) :
presentation of the holy mountain of  Arunachala, of the Wise and great yogi Sri Ramana Maharshi aswell as his ashram in Tiruvannamalai (South India)

6. Spirituality 
Amma is a Sat Guru. The woman who embraces millions of people in the world comes regularly to Europe. :
Annick de Souzenelle, theologian orthodox almost 90 years old, autor of the book "Le symbolisme du corps humain". When she speaks, she is 'inspired'. You can listen to her, on her site.
PREM Baba is a Master whose name I heard for the first time in India on the 22nd of January 2013. I appreciated his heart quality. I did not read his book yet....
See her book, THE SOURCE, on her site.
Tilicho teaches yoga, meditation and gives workshops of voice and improvisation.

7. Medicine 
Useful information on Alternative Medicine :
Doctor David Servan Schreiber runs this blog full of informations about how to prevent and how to fight against cancer :
official site of Thierry Janssen, surgeon and psychotherapist