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In Korean relaxation
it takes two to tango.
One gives, one receives.

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22 - 23 April 2023. Start Certified TRAINING in Korean relaxation, with Tania & Viviane. BXL.

Introduced in France by Jean-Bernard Rishi (1), a yoga teacher in the 70s, Korean relaxation draws its sources from different Eastern practices of relaxation, where energy, "chi", is the central concern. Its aim is to make vital energy recirculate.

In Korean relaxation it takes two to tango. One gives, one receives. One by undoing the knots in a specific rhythm of stretching and by vibrating the joints and limbs, the other by experiencing the pleasure of letting go. The two reap great benefits. It is practiced fully dressedon the floor.

Korean relaxation provides a deep relaxation outside of the ordinary. It sharpens the quality of listening to one's own body and the body of others. It also contributes to a new quality of relationships, like in the East, where it is part of everyday gestures of the family. And children love it!

The Certified Training in Korean relaxation will be given by TANIA & VIVIANE, two experimented trainers: It is held in 5 days & 2 x 3 hours revision sessions, including practices under supervision. Upon request, an additional training day  or practice under supervision of 3h can be added.

For everyone. Small group. You are welcome, on your own.
Interested in this training ?

Spread the word and let us know.
The training will take place with th the confirmation of 6 registered participants.

The complete course includes:

  • A first weekend to learn the part on the back.
    The exact dates for the rest of the training will be determined with the group during this 1st training weekend.
  • One day to master the part on the back.
  • Two revision sessions of 3 hours each.
  • A second weekend to deepen the part on the back and learn the part on the belly together with release techniques and massage per area. (2)
  • The certification.

(1) In the 80s, it is through Jean Bernard Rishi, that Viviane Gutlerner discovered yoga. She also attended his classes in do in, shiatsu, ayurvedic massage and Korean relaxation etc.

(2) The latter is applied to the neck and shoulders. It nourishes the muscles, oxygenating the skin and stimulating the nervous system.
Stimulating the surface of the body can correct the functioning of internal organs and thereby activate the body's natural defences.




DISCOVERY SESSION -  the choice is yours
When:  17 March 2023. From 18h30 to 20h30.  Doors open at 18h15.
Venue: 87 rue du Trône -1050 Brussels..
Price: 15€.
Registration mandatory. Small group.

When: 22-23 April 2023. as from 6 registered participants.
Saturday-Sunday: 10h-17h
The following exact dates for the rest of the training will be determined with the group during this 1st training weekend.
Venue: 87 rue du Trône -1050 Brussels.
Price for the complete course: 550€ covering 5 days training, 2 revision sessions (3 hours each), the certification, the course handbook and beverages. Deposit: 100€. Balance to be paid before the first revision. Upon request, additional training time can be arranged: 95€/additional training day; 50€/additional revision session (3h).
The participants registered for the complete course have prioritory over all the 'à la carte'.

Price for 1 to 3 days training: 110€/1day, 220€/2days, 330€/3days. Deposit: 100€. Your registration is confirmed upon payment. Balance to be paid by the 1st day of the workshop.
Certification for training completed in several steps: 50€

Korean relaxation is practiced fully dressedon the floor. It is recommended to dress in layers (to be warm during relaxation and cool during physical exertion).

The training can take place over a time period from 3 to 12 months depending on the participants’ availability (i.e. Feb 2017- Oct 2017; Apr 2015- Jan 2016).

You are welcome to join the group during the training, provided there are places left and upon the condition that you know the part on the back.

Venue : 87 rue du Trône -1050 Bruxelles.
Schedule : 10h-17h00. and/or 3 hours at the convenient time for all.
You are invited to join the group during the  training, provided that there are places left. On the condition that you know the first part, of course. 

95 €/day (for registration of 4 days minimum) including training notes and drinks.
50€ per revision session (+/- 3 hours)
Deposit of 100€

Registration for the complete course, covering 5 days of training, 2 revisions, the certification : 550€
Deposit: 100€
Balance (450€) to pay before the first revision.
Valid until  1st February 2019.

Registration for 2 or 3 days? 110€/day.
Balance to be paid on the 1st day of the workshop: 220€ for 2 days or 330€ for 3 days.
Registration for certification ?

Korean relaxation is practiced fully dressedon the floor. You should dres in layers (i.e. both to be warm but also for physical exertion)

Great discovery that is of everyday use for stress management, for my family and for a total beginner like me. Graziana
The serene and caring welcome provides the necessary confident atmosphere for body work.
I found what I was looking for and so much more in terms of human exchange, great. Thanks for this indelible mark you left on my heart and soul. Manon NICOLAS
Not only you are 2, but what’s amazing in your partnership is that you are totally different. A very beautiful and matching team. Julie Barthel
The greatest benefits, besides the course itself, which is very well organized, prepared and documented, are the many paths leading to much more!
I did benefit a lot from the course: thanks for your pedagogy, enthusiasm and commitment. Francisco Goulao
It was great. You work really well together. I liked the spirit of benevolence. We have learned a lot. Thank you for your patience and continued capacity to reformulate, show again, re-explain, without showing fatigue or nervousness, while keeping a high level of precision. Group feedback 2016-2017